Wyatt’s Fort


The World of Wyatt’s Fort

Wyatt is a precocious six-year old who has amazing adventures in his fort, where anything can, and probably will, happen.

Through a combination of puppetry and animation each episode of Wyatt’s Fort is sure to thrill children as they follow Wyatt, his crazy buds, and one epic super villain, Grimhilt.

The show is filmed using top-notch voice actors and some of the best puppeteers in United States.


001. The Wind of Goodness.  

Wyatt discovers a magical world, new friends, and the Jewel of All Light inside his fort, but when a super villain threatens to steal the Jewel, Wyatt takes his mom’s hair dryer without permission (which happens to be a super weapon) to defend it.

002. The Monster Dog.  

A monster dog chases Wyatt away from his bike, so when Wyatt’s mom tells him to go get it before dark, Wyatt must find the courage to face the monster dog on his own.

003. WFGT.  

Grimhilt challenges Wyatt to a talent show contest with Wyatt’s Fort on the line, but when Wyatt realizes he doesn’t have any talents, his friends must help him find something before Grimhilt wins it all.

004. Emma.  

Wyatt’s little sister Emma finds her way inside the fort and begins wreaking havoc upon everything so Wyatt teams up with Grimhilt to get rid of her. But when things go horribly wrong Wyatt must discover the true value of a little sister.

005. Grimlucks.  

Wyatt becomes addicted to a smart watch while Grimhilt starts his own coffee chain, Grimlucks. But when Wyatt begins not paying attention to his friends and Desmond becomes addicted to coffee, Wyatt must learn the truth about addictions.

006. A Useless Rescue.  

When Useless the dog gets captured by the Snatchman and taken to the horrible prison of Pow-und, Wyatt and his friends team up for a rescue mission.

007. The Dreamy Schemey Part 1.  

Grimhilt develops a sleeping gas and traps Wyatt and his friends within their dreams, but when Wyatt can’t figure out a way to wake up he and his friends must go to extraordinary lengths to stop Grimhilt before they find themselves trapped forever.

008. The Dreamy Schemey Part 2.  

009. The Dreamy Schemey Part 3.  



Chason Laing


Gaylen Laing
Charlsa Laing
Cassie Laing
Chason Laing


Chason Laing


Cassie Laing


Chason Laing


Chason Laing · Josh Gallas · Jordan Gallas · Billy Byers · Daniel Matthews · Mercy Nompone · Avery Laing · Joe Ward · Eric Neil · Ian Grubbs · Grant Davis · Theo Bray · Andrew Sherrington · Dewayne Dancer ·


Format: 9 x 30.  (Also available 9 x 27)

Aspect Ratio: 1:85:1

Resolution: 1080

Sound: Dolby 5.1

Close Captions available.